La Mela Verde


A 21° proof liqueur, pleasantly aromatic, that enhances the characteristics and the tasty and welcoming qualities of the fruit, preserving  the fragrance and natural acidity.

The Trentino climate is particularly suitable for the cultivation of the apple: today more than five thousand varieties exist which ripen in the summer, winter or autumn according to type.

Cappelletti’s fruit liqueurs have a taste for tradition and are characterized by fresh juice from our fruit so as to maintain the real and genuine flavours of yesteryear. The synergy between traditional handcraft and modern techniques ensures the creation of products of a high level of quality.

Colour :
light green - yellow
Aroma :
fresh and intense, typical of apple
Taste :
fresh of apple, very persistent.
Capacity :
0,70 lt - 0,20 lt
Alcoholic content :
21% vol.
Serving temperature:
between 0° and 14°C
Bottle: GL70 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

Perfect base for cocktails, desserts or ice creams

Recommended on every occasion, in winter straight as a digestif, and in the summer on the rocks. Ideal with fruit or on ice cream and in fruit salads. 

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