A strong sugarless amaro made from both medicinal mountain herbs and exotic ones, at 45° it is “only for few connoisseurs of a certain culture and taste

Made from almost wholly Gentian this amaro is for those who love an intense bitter taste in the real sense of the word bitter.

Times passes but Rutaben never fades away and those who try it fall in love for life.

Aroma :
mountain herbs, intense
Taste :
very bitter, strong, fresh and well-defined
0,70 lt , 0,05 lt:
0,70 lt , 0,05 lt
Alcohol content:
45% vol.
Bottle: GL70 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

Served straight or on the rocks, excellent as a coating on ice cream. Drunk hot, its digestif powers are augmented.

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