Elisir dello Speziale


The personal elixir of the founder (“Speziale” was was called the 19th century pharmacist): exotic spices and Trentino herbs blended in delightful harmony.

The formula, like the ingredients, has remained unaltered over time. Particular care is invested in the preparation while the right production time is of an essence and the methods and instructions for each single spice is fully respected. This is one of the secrets to the harmony and effectiveness of this amaro.

A tip; serve in small glasses as one often leads to another…

herbal and spices, intense
very pleasant, rich, round and persistent
0,70 lt - 0,20 lt
Alcohol conten:
32% vol.
Bottle: GL72 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

As a “correttivo” to coffee or with soda or sparkling water, as a long drink, or as a grog accompanied by lemon peel.

it can be served straight, on the rocks

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