Pistachio and Lemon Cream


Creamy Pistachio liqueur 17% vol. . The harmony and balance of its simple ingredients such as pistachios, cream, alcohol and sugar are completed by the sweet and satisfying sensations of softness and body of the typical pistachio taste;
Pistachios are used both shelled and peeled, by now the use is common in confectionery, in ice cream, in drinks and in the production of cold cuts and condiments.
Interesting to know is that a pistachio plant can live up to 300 years.

Creamy lemon liqueur 17% vol. , is for fine and delicate palates. The harmony and balance of its simple ingredients: cream, sugar and lemon make it very soft and delicate.

Excellent iced and to be enjoyed in small glasses because one sip leads to another....

The line of low-alcohol creams is indicated for a light and refined drink

Crema pistachio:
Pistachio green
Aroma and Taste:
Typical of pistachio , as you eat a pistachio
Crema Limone:
delicate light yellow colour
Aroma and Taste:
cream and lemon, fresh, delicate, creamy taste
0,50 lt 0,20 lt. 0,05 lt.
Alcoholic content::
17% vol.
Bottle: GL70 glass ,Cap: synthetic LDPE4 ,Capsule: C/PVC90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

Excellent on the rocks, to be sipped slowly in small glasses, as one sip often leads to another…

Its creaminess makes it an excellent addition to biscuits and cakes.

The range of cream liqueurs with low alcoholic content is ideal for a light and refined savouring. 

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