Grappa Honey and Camomile


Low-alcohol honey liqueur obtained from the skilful combination of Trentino grappa and Trentino mountain honey.
The first traces of man-made beehives date back to the 6th millennium BC. The Egyptians used to place vases filled with honey next to the mummies for the journey to the afterlife, for the Greeks it was the "food of the gods".
In addition to food use, it has also always been used for medical purposes (treatment of digestive disorders, ointments for sores and wounds), it is purifying, aphrodisiac, thirst-quenching, regulator, refrigerant, and healing. Pythagoras recommended it as food for a long life.

Low-alcohol Chamomile liqueur is obtained from the skilful combination of Trentino grappa and chamomile flowers left to infuse.
The name chamomile comes from the Greek and means "apple-scented land" due to its scent that is very reminiscent of that of the apple.
It is an aromatic plant that grows spontaneously in our meadows and in the open countryside.
It has calming, relaxing and digestive properties.

Grappa Honey : Colour:
bright, yellowish
Aroma and Taste:
honey, intense and delicate , sweet, typical of honey
Camomile : Colour:
Aroma and Taste:
delicate , Camomile
Capacity :
0,50 lt
Alcoholic content :
21% vol.
Bottle: GL70 glass ,Cap: synthetic LDPE4 ,Capsule: C/PVC90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)
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