Chocolate and Liquorice


Low-alcohol chocolate liqueur is for fine and delicate palates. The harmony and balance of its simple ingredients (milk, cocoa, sugar and alcohol) are completed by the sweet and satisfying sensations of softness and body. Indicated as a dessert on cakes or coffee, it can also be heated and enjoyed with a splash of cream.
It is to be enjoyed slowly as it is so good that one sip leads to another....Full-bodied, dense, sweet and delicate..

In Liquorice Cream, on the other hand, we find an exclusive taste given by the creaminess of the cream and the exceptional nature of true licorice.
Young and fresh, it really seems like eating liquorice wheels

It is to be enjoyed slowly as it is so good that one sip leads to another....
Thanks to its creaminess it is also excellent with biscuits and cakes.
The line of low-alcohol creams is indicated for a light and refined drink.

Chocolate : Colour :
Aroma and Taste:
sweet chocolaty , creamy, delicate like chocolate
Crema Licorice : Colour:
light brownish
Aroma and Taste:
gummy liquorice toffee , delicate, sweet and creamy
Capacity :
0,50 lt
Alcoholic content :
17% vol.
Bottle: GL70 glass ,Cap: synthetic LDPE4 ,Capsule: C/PVC90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

Its creaminess makes it an excellent addition to biscuits and cakes.

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