Blueberry liqueur with 200g of nutritious and tasty blueberry fruit. With its light alcohol content of 24°, savour this liqueur and experience the sensations. Fruit and liqueur in a single product, each enhancing the other. The fruit acquires body and tonality in the flavour, while the liqueur is sweetened and imbibed with colour.

Cappelletti’s fruit liqueurs have a taste for tradition and are characterized by fresh juice from our fruit so as to maintain the real and genuine flavours of yesteryear. The synergy between traditional handcraft and modern techniques ensures the creation of products of a high level of quality.

Colour :
bright pink
sweetness of blueberry
Taste :
pleasant, persistent, typical of blueberry
Capacity :
0,70 lt - 0,20 lt
Alcoholic :
24% vol.
Serving temperature:
between 0° and 14°C

Ideal for fruit salad and perfect with whipped cream

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