Grappa of pure Moscato grape skins

Before tasting in the tulip glass, the grappa must be allowed to breathe in the glass for a couple of minutes so that the aromas and the perfect balance between flavours and aromas can be appreciatedto the full.

Perfect for enjoying a relaxing moment or meditation, maybe accompanied by a good cigar. 

We recommend to drink grappa in purity, but you can use as aperitif, in espresso coffees, as digestif or at any time during the day. 
Has recently become an indispensible ingredient as a base of particular cocktails. 
For new and rare sensations try it with dark chocolate, fresh or mature cheese, dried fruit, honey, directly in fruit salad, dessert, on ice cream.

Distillation :
Alembic with a steam discontinuous system - steam bain-marie
Alembic stills :
steam discontinuous or steam type
Colour :
clear, bright
Aroma :
aromatic and intense, with flowery notes
Taste :
fine, elegant, well-balanced and persistent
0,70 lt - 0,50 lt - 0,03 lt
43% vol.
in stainless steel tanks
Serving temperature:
between 12 ° C and 14 ° C
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