Amaro Trentino


The herbs from the mountains of Trentino, such as the woodruff (sweetscented bedstraw), peppermint, centaury, gentian, create a high quality product and confer a rare elegance of taste.

An historical product, born at the end of the 50s, whose label has remained unaltered over time, represents our territory and serves as a wonderful (and tasty) memento for the tourist to take home.


delicate, sweet and light bitter
mint and woodruff
3 lt - 0,70 lt - 0,20 lt - 0,05 lt
Alcohol content:
21% vol.
Bottle: GL72 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

Excellent base for cocktails, added to white wine as an aperitif, splendid in tonic water.

Straight or on the rocks this make a wonderful digestif.

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