Amaro Alta Verde


The main ingredient of Alta Verde is the assenzio and its classic bitter balance profile with a complementary blend of brilliant alpine herbs, spices and citrus fruits. The aromas evoke a summer forest in all its verdant splendor. 

Upon tasting yelds impressive lenght and complex bitterness, intertwined with gentle sweetness and bright herbal notes that give balance throughout the palate.

The color was intentionally left natural. 

Fresh and clean bitter taste, also mixed with natural water.

Color :
straw green
balsamic and slightly pungent
pleasantly fresh and not too full-bodied in the mouth
Alcohol content:
24% vol.
0,75 lt
Service T°:
6°C \ 12°C
Bottle: GL71 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

tequila lime \ specialino citrus fruits \ soda prosecco

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