Amaretto del Concilio


Precious and elegant liqueur –its sweetness and balance product of a knowledgeable and patient production process of the almond

The almond is the edible seed of the almond tree, a plant growing to circa 10m in height belonging to the Rosacee family (like the peach tree). Inside the almond fruit two seeds are enclosed which are rich in oil and a sweet or bitter taste according to the type.

This historic liqueur, whose recipe comes from the 1500s, carries the name of the famous Council of Trent (1545 -1563, a meeting of all the world’s Catholic bishops to discuss all the issues pertaining to the Catholic Church), in honour of our city of Trento which at the time was governed by the Prince Bishop Cristoforo Madruzzo.

Thus the Cathedral of Trento, Pope Paul III and the Prince Bishop Cristoforo Madruzzo are depicted on the label.

sweet, of almond
delicate almond, its finesse resembles marzipan.
0,70 lt
Alcohol content:
28% vol.
Bottle: GL72 glass ,Cap: aluminum C/ALU90 (Check the regulations of your municipality)

It is often used in espresso coffee but is also an excellent base for cocktails like the Mexican and the Godfather.

Whether straight or on the rocks, it’s a close friend accompanying you in a pleasurable moment.

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